Make Your Own Seed Tape!
Now you can use any variety of seed to sow your best garden ever!
Choose your seed

Perfect spacing

No waste

Easy on backs

Save time

"I am amazed at how fast and easy I planted my garden. Plus everything looks so nice. EZ Seed Tape helped me have my best garden ever!"


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Now you can make any variety of seed tape the EZ way! Just roll out the paper tape, glue any variety of seed in perfect spacing, and plant according to your seed pack directions!     Each 150' Roll for only $6.95 plus S&H

No more fussing trying to get seeds evenly spaced by hand! No more wasted seed. With EZ Seed Tape every seed is evenly spaced according to the seed packet instructions.
No more bunched up seeds! Evenly spaced seeds and rows make for a beautiful garden you can be proud to work in. Plus, EZ Seed Tape makes is simple to mix varieties and sow for companion planting.
Sow your seed the EZ way at your kitchen table! The EZ Seed Tape has a printed measurement tape in 1/4" increments. Just follow the directions on the seed packet of your choice! So simple! See Tips.
After preparing your EZ Seed Tape, just dig a trench to the necessary depth and lay the biodegradible seed down and cover with soil. Mark your row and wait for nature to take its course!
Use EZ Seed Tape for raised beds, vegetable gardens, and flower garden displays.
Straight rows every time! EZ Seed Tape also makes it easy to plant rows close together for maximum production.
"We love your seed tape. It's so easy to use our own seeds and simply glue them into place. I saved so much time and money. Thanks!"